Lawn Management Services

Residential Services

Residential Services

Lawn Management Services offers reliable, friendly, and trustworthy landscaping and lawn care services to their residential customers located throughout Metro-Atlanta and Athens. Whether you are looking for a reliable lawn care expert to help with maintenance, or looking for advice on how to add seasonal color and curb appeal to your property, we can help! Our goal is to extend the feel of your home from the inside to the outside. We strive to provide an environment that brings your friends and family outside to enjoy their time together… Like a vacation right in your own backyard!

Residential Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn Management Services offers residential maintenance programs which insure that our customer's lawns stay well-groomed and properly maintained.

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Residential Preparation & Installation

Preparation & Installation

Need a beautiful looking new lawn? We have the expertise to provide that for you.

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Residential Seasonal Color Programs

Seasonal Color Programs

Our seasonal color program begins with a custom design tailored to each customer's personal preferences, functional needs, and price considerations.

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Commercial Water Conservation

Detention / Retention Ponds

We are licensed and trained to inspect, clean and maintain detention and retention ponds.

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