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Commercial Water Conservation
Commercial Water Conservation

The most common method for managing storm water is to build a pond or basin, and there are two different kinds: detention and retention ponds.

Detention vs. Retention Ponds – What’s the Difference?

Detention ponds are usually dry, except when excess rain fills them up. These ponds are designed to hold water temporarily, then slowly drain it to another location.

Retention ponds are pools of water that fluctuate in response to rain and runoff. They collect water and release it slowly, at a nice and easy rate that prevents flooding or erosion.

The purpose of both types of ponds is to clean and filter the water captured on your property before it goes into local creeks and streams. Without regular maintenance, drainage systems will eventually fail due to buildup and structural issues. Proactive, routine upkeep is the best way prevent costly rehabilitative and restorative repairs.

Licensed Detention/Retention Pond Specialists

Lawn Management Services provides regular maintenance and repair services necessary to keep your detention and retention ponds working properly, quickly, and efficiently. We are licensed and trained to inspect, clean, or replace needed items for city and county pond inspections. And you can count on us to keep your pond inlets, outlets, riprap, and drains properly maintained at all times.

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