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Commercial Seasonal Color Programs

Commercial Seasonal Color Programs
Commercial Seasonal Color Programs

Our seasonal color program begins with a custom design tailored to each customer’s personal preferences, functional needs, and price considerations.

Bed Preparation

Bed preparation is the most critical part of our seasonal color program. Our bed preparation procedures include the removal of last seasons’ plants and bark, bedline trenching, deep tilling, proper grading, and the addition of high quality fertilizers. If necessary, fungicides and moisture retention products are also added at this time. The plant material used is carefully selected from reputable growers and installed according to the prearranged design and spacing. All beds are covered with mini nuggets or pine straw to provide moisture retention and to enhance aesthetics. The final stage of the installation is watering and clean-up.

Follow Up

As with any type of installation, it is critical to follow up with good, sound, horticultural maintenance practices to guarantee a long, healthy life for your seasonal color display. Lawn Management Services’ Seasonal Color Maintenance Program includes several visits through the course of the growing season. Our highly-trained landscape design team will perform the pruning, removal of expired flowers, bark touch-up, and supplemental fertilizer and fungicide applications necessary to keep your color displays healthy and dazzling for the duration of the season. We also closely monitor your irrigation system to ensure that the plants are provided the correct amount of water and adhere to any water restrictions. Our Seasonal Color Programs provide:

  • Custom Designs
  • Cutting Edge Plant Material
  • Quality Installation and Maintenance
  • Exceptional Value


Our Seasonal Color Programs will help you maintain a professional image for your property – an image that reflects your quality and professionalism. The result will be will be a beautiful and inviting environment to your patrons and customers.

Please contact us today for more information about our Seasonal Color Programs.